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Regina Beckhaus

- Free Speaker -

Munich, Bavaria, worldwide

Expressing emotions with words


I was born in Würzburg in 1992. Loud, curious and full of the power of life. I spent my childhood and youth playing theatre, dancing and singing. In my early years I developed the desire to be on stage and to entertain.


At the age of 16 I decided to move to munich to start my training as an actress. During my training as an actress I was already starting to borrow my voice to image movies an several internal projects. Shortly after finishing my training I did an internship with a German dubbing director, absolutely loved it and started right away.

At that moment my current career began.  Ever since I have been working as a German voice actress for dubbing, voice over,games and advertising in Munich. Working in front of the microphone with only using your voice there is so much you can express-I just love it.


Expressing emotions with youre voice is one of the most impressive and touching things I can think of. I am looking forward to borrow you my voice for youre special day.


The deep love, the joy and the wonderful stories….. there is so much to tell about LOVE.


Feel, HEAR, see. LOVE.


I am looking forward to being there for you on youre special day

authentic, different, unique